Basslink committed to providing broadband choice in Tasmania

Basslink committed to providing broadband choice in Tasmania

In recent months, Basslink has been involved in very constructive discussions with the Tasmanian Government and Aurora regarding the future use of the fibre optic component of the Basslink interconnector. These discussions are continuing in earnest.

When the Basslink interconnector was built, a fibre optic component was added with a view to making some of this available to bolster Tasmania’s broadband capacity and increase competition for provision of broadband. This investment was made entirely by the previous owner of Basslink, National Grid, and the asset was subsequently purchased by CitySpring.

Basslink Telecoms has today been granted a telecom carrier licence by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. This comes as part of the commitment to using the fibre optic capacity to bring competition to the wholesale telecommunications and internet markets in Tasmania.

In the eight months since the purchase of Basslink, we have actively negotiated access to capacity in Victoria, managed a comprehensive procurement programme to select a vendor to light our network from Melbourne through to the regional centres of Tasmania, recruited specific commercial and technical management support and engaged actively with prospective wholesale customers.

Having completed this planning and implementation work, Basslink now stands ready, subject to Board approval, to make the multi million dollar investment, which will be necessary to light its fibre and commence commercial operations before the end of this year.

After several months of constructive work and engagement with the Tasmanian Government and with Aurora, we are optimistic of being able to reach an agreement, and ultimately to provide choice to broadband users in the State. We understand and embrace the Government’s target of achieving genuine price competition for broadband services in Tasmania and remain confident this can be delivered.

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