The Basslink Interconnector

Basslink is a 400kV DC electricity interconnector that allows the trade of electricity between Tasmania and the National Electricity Market. The interconnector is rated to transmit 500 megawatts (MW) of energy on a continuous basis in either direction and up to 630MW export from Tasmania for limited periods.

Basslink enhances security of supply on both sides of Bass Strait; protecting Tasmania against the risk of drought-constrained energy shortages and protecting Victoria and southern states against the forecast shortage of peak load power identified in the AEMO Statement of Opportunities.

The Basslink interconnector runs from Loy Yang in Gippsland, Victoria, across Bass Strait to Bell Bay in Northern Tasmania. The 290 km undersea cable component of Basslink is the second longest of its type in the world.

The Basslink Interconnector became fully operational at midnight on April the 28th 2006, commenced transmitting power on 29th April 2006 and was officially opened by Victorian Premier, the Hon Steve Bracks MP, and the Tasmanian Premier, the Hon Paul Lennon MHA, on the 9th of May 2006.