Customer Service


Acquiring a Basslink Telecoms Service is as simple as arranging for a cross-connects from your rack or cabinet in each data centre to the Basslink Telecoms nominated demarcation point.

Basslink Telecoms operates a robust and simple network, eliminating the risk of legacy and incumbent issues that can impede provisioning activities.

Customers can expect a new service to be provisioned cost-effectively and quickly with goals of:

  • New services in 10 working days (including a 24 or 48 hour Bit Error Test (BER) test)
  • Move, Adds and Changes (MACs) in 5 working days

Some carriers can’t even process your paperwork in that time!

Operational Support

Basslink Telecom’s fibre-optic network is backed by expert support via a Network Operations Centre (NOC), based in Australia. The NOC is open for customer contact 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When you contact the Basslink Telecoms NOC, you are not engaging with a call-centre. Instead, you are talking to qualified technicians, able to undertake 1st and 2nd level support. If your issue cannot be resolved by these personnel, 3rd level support is available and is provided within the contracted timeframe.

Service Levels

Basslink Telecoms is committed to delivering carrier-grade service. It offers an industry competitive Service Level Agreement (SLA) as part of its product offering. This includes rebates for poor restoration outcomes or breaches of our 99.95% uptime commitment, should they occur.


Basslink Telecoms supplies a set of contractual terms in a structure that the wholesale telecoms industry should be especially familiar with. The set includes:

  • Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Product Specification (Ethernet, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) or Optical Transport Network (OTN))
  • Service Application Form (for new services or modifying services).