Marc Liu

Mr Marc Liu – Board Member

Mr Marc Liu has been with the Keppel Infrastructure Fund Manager (KIFM) since May 2015.

As Head of Asset Management at KIFM, Mr Liu develops and implements asset management plans to ensure safety, compliance, risk management and emergency response. He is responsible for operational performance and implements asset management plans for KIT’s asset portfolio. Mr Liu also leads in the execution of asset enhancement and upgrading projects. Mr Liu manages a team of asset-related operational and technical functions, as well as the financial support function.

Prior to KIT’s merger with CitySpring in 2015, Mr Liu was with City Gas as Senior Manager, Business Development in 2005, moving to CitySpring to become Vice President, Investment in 2007 when it was listed, and has served as General Manager of SingSpring Pte Ltd, the trustee-manager of SingSpring Trust from 2014 till the present.

His experience with critical infrastructure assets is instrumental in the Trustee-Manager, where he proactively manages and monitors capital structure and asset performance to create value, and anticipates issues and areas for growth within KIT’s portfolio. He monitors the implementation of business plans and other initiatives, including those relating to operations, reporting and environmental, social & governance (ESG) matters, and leading corrective measures as required. This helps ensure KIT’s assets maintain excellent operational performance, while remaining competitive and compliant.

Mr Liu received his Masters in Finance from San Diego State University, where he graduated with honours as Beta Gamma Sigma and earned his Bachelor of Economics degree from Shanghai University. He is a CFA® Charterholder.