Raphael Ozsvath

Asset Manager

Raphael Ozsvath was appointed Asset Manager at Basslink in February 2019. Raphael has over 25 years experience working within the electrical utilities sector across Australia and South Africa, specialising in Strategic Asset Management, Asset life-cycle planning and contract management.

Raphael has a solid track record in managing a portfolio of critical, high reliability assets. Throughout his career, Raphael has used his engineering and technical expertise and financial acumen to make crucial pragmatic decisions with a focus on risk management and value exchange.

Prior to Basslink, Raphael was engaged with Metro Trains where he held a crucial role on the $12 billion rail infrastructure project for which he developed the maintenance philosophy for the contract design team.

Raphael also held a senior role at Western Power where he led the operations of the distribution network and brought about asset management maturity. His work involved the development of strategic asset management plans to optimise the asset life cycle management of overhead Transmission and Distribution networks. This work informed the OPEX expenditure across asset types, risk exposure and geographical location.

As Asset Manager Raphael is accountable for the delivery of all HVDC asset management, performance, operations and maintenance within Basslink. He manages  relationships and operational requirements of some of Basslink’s key stakeholders.

A specialist in ISO 55001 accreditation, Raphael focuses on building energy management best practice to help organisations improve their energy efficiency.

Raphael holds an Honors in Commerce, Financial Management and Economics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.

Raphael is a registered and practicing member of the Australian Asset Management Council.