Sasha Petroff

Operations Manager – Basslink Telecoms 

Sasha is the Operations Manager for the Telecoms business at Basslink. Sasha is an experienced telecoms management specialist. He oversees and manages the daily telecoms operations, network design, planning, control, performance improvement and sales and operations strategies for Basslink.

Sasha has extensive experience in Technology Management, International Sales and Strategy, Leadership and Project Management, with various industry certifications and technical knowledge.

In consulting roles he has held across his career, Sasha has developed strategic partnerships, driven business growth and market share for multiple organisations.

Sasha’s ability to identify new emerging target markets, analyse industry trends and develop product lines has delivered effective sustainable results to organisation he has worked with. Sasha holds expertise in proof of concept designs, tactical execution and product delivery. He has led many successful projects and business transitions, increasing business efficiencies and implementing best of breed long term solutions. Sasha holds a Bachelor of Business and is committed to driving the customer services focus and telecoms business vision for the Basslink group.